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Three Tips for Better Bank Fishing

Jeffery Fraser

The owner of Tsaina Lodge in Alaska, Jeffery Scott Fraser is the former CEO of NIC Inc., a Kansas-based software company. Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys spending his free time fishing.

If you are new to fishing or do not have much money to spend on your hobby, fishing from a boat may be out of the question. That said, you can still have a successful day on the lake or river while fishing from the bank with the help of these three tips.
1. Walk Around. Upon your arrival, spend some time walking the shore while keeping an eye out for fish-favorite hiding places like docks, downed trees, or grass. Knowing where in the water fish are most likely to group gives you room to strategize instead of casting blindly and hoping for the best.
2. Test Multiple Depths. You may have the urge to swing your cast as far out into the deep water as you can, but many fish, including pond bass, actually prefer shallow water. Try casting parallel to the bank into shallow waters just up or down shore.
3. Leave the Extras at Home. One of the keys to successful bank fishing is moving around and testing out different spots. Staying mobile is much harder when you have loads of gear. Instead, consider taking a backpack and only packing what fits inside. Being able to pack up and move around quickly will make bank fishing infinitely easier.

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