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Three Popular Types of Angling

Jeffery Fraser

Jeffery Scott Fraser is a former executive in the technology sector who holds postgraduate degrees in human resources management and management information systems. Now semi-retired, Jeffery Fraser enjoys the relaxing nature of fishing.

There are several styles of fishing, but one of the most common forms of recreational fishing is angling, in which the angler uses a hook, often topped with bait or lures, to attract fish. Angling is made up of numerous sub-categories, three of which are listed below.

1. Fly fishing - Employing a thin line and an artificial fly attached to the hook, fly fishing is one of the more common angling methods, but can be tricky to learn. Because the flies are very light in comparison to traditional bait such as worms, it can be difficult to cast the line with any distance. Rather than pulling the fishing rod back and releasing with force, the trick is to use the fly line in conjunction with rod, quickly whipping the line forward for extra distance.

2. Casting spinning reels - This method is commonly used by beginners. The main differences from fly fishing is that it often involves live bait and the throwing technique requires an over-the-shoulder cast. Once the fish is hooked, the angler simply needs to reel it in.

3. Tenkara fishing - Essentially a stripped-down version of fly fishing popularized in Japan, tenkara fishing requires only a rod, line, and fly. The long rod and light line is best used in mountain streams and alpine lakes.

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