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Job Seeking for New Graduates - How to Stand Out from the Competition

Jeffery Fraser

Jeffery S. Fraser, the owner of Tsaina Lodge in Alaska, received a PhD in business and technology from Capella University. In addition to running Tsaina Lodge, Jeffery Fraser is an investor in JobPose, an online resource that matches job seekers with employers, utilizing a sophisticated algorithm that renders the traditional resume unnecessary.

When job seekers start a profile on JobPose, they upload a profile picture and post information that sets them apart from their competition. Likewise, employers post positions that need to be filled. will then automatically provide the most qualified candidates for that position and immediately allow interviews to be scheduled virtually.
When new graduates set out to find a job, they may find it difficult to set themselves apart. Lack of experience, however, need not hinder a recent grad from landing a job. When applying for positions, new job seekers should keep the following points in mind:
- Internship experience matters. Time spent in relevant, work-related employment sets an applicant apart. Students should visit their alma mater’s career center to explore different opportunities.
- Leadership experience is important. If graduates utilized opportunities for leadership positions in their extracurricular and volunteer activities, these should be highlighted.
- It is important to be able to work as part of a team. Employers value team players, so make sure applications reflect an ability to work with others.
- An ability to communicate is essential. Make sure your verbal and written communication skills are up to par.
- Creative problem-solving abilities should be highlighted. Employers want people that can approach problems from a variety of angles.

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