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Job Pose - Seamlessly Connecting Employers and Job Seekers

Jeffery Fraser

Based in Alaska and Wyoming, Jeffery Scott Fraser is an executive with a background in software who owns the Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska. Among Jeffery S. Fraser’s investment activities is a stake in the startup Job Pose, which has developed a leading edge platform designed to connect employers to job seekers.

Emphasizing a hassle-free approach to the job market, Job Pose has re-conceptualized the market through combining the insights of team members spanning technology, staffing, and media spheres. On the employee end, talent can be accessed through a mobile app, with outstanding candidates selected through the platform’s proprietary matching algorithm; scheduling an interview is as seamless as a swipe or click.
Job seekers gain the benefit of convenience and exposure to a wide range of companies in the areas in which they have skills. Uploading a selfie and answering questions concerning work history generates an immediately accessible profile designed to create maximum synergy between talent, open positions, and competitive remuneration, making resumes a relic of the past.

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